Saturday, January 9, 2010

Full Moon by Rachel Hawthorne

"Lindsey has always known that Connor was her destined mate, but this summer as her full moon approaches, she finds herself dreaming about darkly handsome and silent Rafe. When the others are captured by their enemies, she and Rafe must work together to save them. As they spend time together, Lindsey will come to realize that some dangers come from within as she is forced to face her true feelings for Connor and Rafe. One is a friend. The other is her true love. But listening to her heart could cost her everything."

Overall: 5/5

I read Rachel Hawthorne's first Dark Guardian book almost a year ago, pretty much right when it came out. And I completely loved it. When I heard that the second in the series would be coming out about three months later, I was ecstatic! (Serioulsy, how many times can you say that you had that short of a wait between books in one series? I was beyond thrilled.) I was so excited to hear more of Kayla's story and how things were going with Lucas that I didn't even read the back of the book until it came out and I started the first page.

So you can imagine my shock when I find out that this book isn't about Kayla or Lucas at all; it's about Kayla's best friend, Lindsey.

I lost my enthusiasum immediately. It's not that I don't like Lindsey, cause I do. I just got it into my head that since Hawthorne had done such a splendid job with the first one, this new protaganist and her own set of problems were never going to be able to live up to it. My conviction of this made me put it aside for a few months.

Finally, about a week ago, I picked it up again. I figured, why not? My expectations were already low, not much harm could be done. And it was fantastic! Despite all my doubts, Hawthorne has done it again. She's taken a new perspective on a world that she's already introduced us to and turned it into a beautiful tale of secrecy and adventure, and love and friendship and the difference between the two.

The third in the series, Dark of the Moon, is also already out, and the fourth, Shadow of the Moon, is scheduled to come out in March.

Characters: 5/5

Plot: 4/5

Writing: 4/5

Ending: 5/5

Cover: 3/5

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