Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Betraying Season by Marissa Doyle

"Penelope (Pen) Leland has come to Ireland to study magic and prove to herself that she is as good a witch as her twin sister, Persy. But when the dashing Niall Keating begins to pay her court, she can’t help being distracted from her studies.

Little does Pen know, Niall is acting upon orders from his sorceress mother. And although it starts as a sham, Niall actually falls deeply in love with Pen, and she with him. But even if he halts his mother’s evil plan, will Pen be able to forgive him for trying to seduce her into a plot? And what of Pen’s magic, which seems to be increasingly powerful?"- Goodreads.com

Overall: 4/5

Such a cute story! I love that Doyle has taken on this new story from Pen's point of view, rather than staying with Persy from Bewitching Season. She's a strong female protaganist, and I loved watching her defy the expectations set out for her and continue her magic studies despite the general disapproval, particularly among men. A constant mental You go, girl! cheer was in the back of my mind throughout the whole thing.

I was a little disappointed, though. In the first book, the magic had a very Harry Potter feel to it, where you pointed, whipped out some Latin, and magic happened. In this one, the magic took on more of a Wiccan tone, involving a goddess and fancy full-moon ceremonies and chanting. Honestly, I prefferred the Harry Potter-type magic.

But it was still good and defintiely worth the read.

Characters: 4/5

Plot: 4/5

Writing: 4/5

Ending: 5/5

Cover: 3/5

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