Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Devoured by Amanda Marrone

"Megan’s twin sister Remy died in an accident nine years ago, and she’s been haunting her ever since. Knowing how crazy that sounds, Megan keeps this secret to herself and tries to lead a normal life. But when she takes a summer job at Land of Enchantment to keep an eye on her new boyfriend and his lovesick best friend, Samantha, she meets fellow employee Luke who can see Remy, too. Things get even twistier because Megan’s new friend Ari is sporting a massive crush on Luke, who seems to be developing a massive crush on Megan…making for a love triangle that’s positively possessed.

Megan wants to keep her distance from Luke, but when Remy’s visions get crazy violent; she knows she needs his help. Because someone’s definitely in danger...the only question is who?" -From Goodreads.com

Overall: 4/5

This story starts out with a prologue that goes back five hundred years to the story of Snow White. Upon reading it, I inwardly groaned, sure that I was in for another modern re-telling of the classic fairy tale.

But it wasn't a re-telling at all. If anything, it was almost a continuation of the tale, telling the story of the descendents of Snow White, who were all cursed to the same fate. I know I'm not doing a good job of explaining this, but read the book and it will all make sense.

The story was incredibly original and the plot, while a little predictable at points, was thoroughly enjoyable.

Characters: 4/5

Plot: 4/5

Writing: 4/5

Ending: 4/5

Cover: 4/5

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